There is nothing more embarrassing than trying to take pictures at a fashion show. Well, I’ve learned my lesson and duly noted. But that doesn’t help me this time.

I love clothes. People may not know it because I always talk about my business ventures (which includes Curvy Girl Closet). So any time I get to go to a fashion show of any sort, I’m giddy. I went to the Diamond Diva Fashion Show hosted by my friend Kym Davidson of Diva Davidson’s Closet here in Atlanta. It was a fashion show for curvy chicks. I was thrilled that a few of my pieces were going to be modeled on the run way.

When I’m Instagramming or taking photos out and about, I generally use my Android phone. The pictures always turn out great. Well at the show, I didn’t have it with me, but I did have my trusty iPad. Or so I thought. The show began and when model Kimberly  Rousseau-Meyers strutted down in the first of my garments, I was so happy. So the first thing I did was pull out the iPad and start taking pictures. After the show, I went backstage and chatted with Kimberly. I thanked her for modeling my items and we talked about how seeing the clothes on a live person brings the item to life as opposed to how it looks on a hanger.

I have some really cute pieces. And for months, I have beens struggling with the fact that I hadn’t had anyone to actually model them so visitors to the website could look at them with an objective eye. CGC is so new, that I haven’t yet established a relationship with any models just yet. I’ve been reading #GirlBoss by Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso and she chronicles her journey as a vintage eBay reseller to now multi million dollar fashion company. She spoke a lot about getting models, the right lighting, etc. If you are considering starting a business in fashion or resale, and need a kick in the butt motivational book, I suggest you read her book.

I took note and started focusing on creating a professional environment. After all, I AM a business owner. I have a complete photography lighting and background equipment, but have never been in a situation to use them yet. So when Kym asked to use some of my pieces, I was thrilled. Finally, I can get some real shots of my clothes in action. And the best part, the coordinator picked some of my best pieces! There were only about 5 or 6 of my pieces in the rotation, but that was OK. I was so happy.

I thought I was doing a good job too. That is until today when I finally had a moment to look at them. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Most of the picture came out blurry! OH MY GOD!!!!!! Well, the upside is the clothes looked great. Next time, I’ll be better prepared.

The moral of the story is bring a reliable camera. Always sit in the front row. Make sure you check out the photos BEFORE you speak to the model. And always have someone there to take backup pictures. Lessons learned. Kimberly, thanks for doing such a great job. And sorry my photography skills didn’t do you justice.

Til next time,

Adrienne Graham


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