I’m just your ordinary, every day, mom, mogul & power broker. That chick from the Bronx (originally) who grew up, found success and made a life for herself. I’ve always loved clothes and shopping is therapy for me. But at 45 (yes, I’m 45 and proud) my priorities aren’t what they were at 25. OK, yes my son (although now grown) and my business are my top priorities (right after God and myself) and that will never change. But I don’t get off on labels and trends like I used to. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll snap up a great piece when I see it on sale. But only if it fits into my wardrobe or it’s such an incredible piece I must have it.

If I had to put a name to it, I probably couldn’t tell you what my ‘Style’ is. It varies as much as there are days in a year. When I’m working (which includes writing, consulting and teaching) I’m usually at home or a local Starbucks (or some place that has wifi and great food), so I tend to want to feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s nothing for me to throw on a pair of capris, a t-shirt and some sandals (usually of the flip flop variety). Or maybe jeans and a t-shirt with some sneakers. Let’s not even talk about what I throw on when I go run errands or to the post office. YIKES!

But when I go out to an event, speaking engagement, client visit or teach somewhere, I don’t slack. There is not one specific look I have. I can pair a nice dark wash jean with a nice top & pumps. Or I can put on a tailored suit. And I’ve even been known to throw on a dress. LOL But I choose my looks based on my mood for the day, the audience I’ll be in front of, and how I’ll feel. My nieces always marvel at how well put together I look when I’m going out. I find it almost insulting! LOL One of my nieces asked me why I didn’t look nice all the time. And I told her quite honestly, it depends on the day and the agenda. I don’t dress to impress others. Well, OK sometimes when I’m in mogul mode I look damn fierce. But for the most part, I choose comfort.

There are many people out there who like to look nice but don’t know how to put together an outfit. They don’t know if this shoe matches that top. Or if this purse compliments that necklace. Thank God for social media! If you’ve been following us on Pinterest, you would see a variety of styles we like on out Looks We Like board. I love surfing through Pinterest looking at the looks other people put together. Most of the time the looks are exactly what I would have chosen. Sometimes I’ll see things I would have never imagined would work, but they do. Pinterest is a great tool to get inspiration and see how looks can be put together. Instagram on the other hand is more of a confidence booster and look validator. No, that isn’t the intended use, but that’s how it works. People boldly post their “what I’m wearing now” looks on their Instagram accounts and other people like or critique the look. You have to have a strong resolve to accept the constructive criticism.

So if you’re struggling with what to wear or what looks good on you, get yourself a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. You can search for looks by name or phrases. Don’t be shy to comment on people’s pins. I find that many are gracious and would gladly offer style advice if you ask. If you want to know how your look will go over on people, get yourself an Instagram account. But warning: you must be bold and extremely confident (and mature) if you want people to tell you the truth. They will ultimately serve as your mirror to the world.

So remember. Style Looks/Inspiration: Pinterest. Style Critique: Instagram. Follow us on both. We’d love to hear from you.

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