The world of fashion can be so cut-throat. Everyone’s always trying to trump the next person to show how much more fashionable or knowledgeable they are. And plus size fashionistas, while coming up in ranks, get overshadowed by the “main stream” (read: thinner) fashionistas. It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out, that is if you didn’t care about style.

Well you don’t need me to tell you that the curvy chicks are representing and holding their own in the fashion world. I make it my business to find as many as I can so I can read about their different styles and tastes. They have their well manicured fingers on the pulse of fashion and they dress pretty damn fly to boot.

I decided to share my top five curvy bloggers with you all because they do an incredible job. Not only do they know their stuff, they’ve made their websites as tasteful as their wardrobes. They are without a doubt putting the curvy chicks on the map and showing us that  all the cute stuff we see on our thinner sisters can also be translated to the curvy chicks. They all have style, incredible taste, and they  work hard to put designers in the limelight. A few of them also are admitted consignment (or repurposing) queens. They can tell you where to get the newest designs or where the hottest sales are.

So here they are in no particular order. Make sure you check out their websites.

  1. Allison TengCurvy Girl Chic– I love Allison because she’s an admitted shopaholic, shoe fanatic and believes you’re never too old to play dress up. I swear, that’s a direct quote from her website! I am really digging that she uses photos of her very stylish self on her blog. She’s also a regular contributor on People StyleWatch Online. She listed TJ Maxx, Target, Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M among her list of places she’ll shop.
  2. Tanesha AwasthiGirl With Curves– Tanesha is not only a blogger, but also has a line out by the same name. Her Pinterest stays interesting (to me) and she takes photos of herself in her own clothes. I love it! There’s no better way to advertise your line than to model it yourself. And she runs her company while being a brand new mom. Her baby is 8 months old and she tells an interesting story on her blog about the challenges of baby proofing her accessories while still staying stylish.
  3. Marie DeneeThe Curvy Fashionista– Marie has to have the most comprehensive blog on the web, hands down. She lives and breathes fashion and is the ultimate champion for the plus size fashionista (no pun intended). She can take any skinny girl look and find an equally stunning plus size version. She’s not afraid to call out the mainstream snobs and can tell you about the hot new plus size designer before they even hit the web. And when I say she finds the greatest looks, I’m not kidding. She has no qualms giving shine to other bloggers.
  4. J. Sheri AtwellShapely Chic Sheri– Who doesn’t like to find great clothes on a budget!? Sheri openly admits she never pays retail. She can find on trend clothes on a thrift store budget. Her blog is truly about helping women look stylish without breaking the bank and she lives by that herself. In her blog she chronicles her own style journey and sys she loves watching other people’s style evolve. And she poses in some of her finds on her Pinterest.
  5. Aisha Fairclough & Jill AndrewFat in the City– Yep, you guessed it. It is a take on Sex in the City, but more soulful and more curvy. Their mission is to challenge the “size hatred BS through fashion“. Aisha is an advocate for body confidence awareness. Together they run the Body Confidence Canada Awards. They are a fashion blog, but I love the work they’re doing to promote healthy body awareness. They get big kudos from me. Did I mention they’re based in Canada?


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