Or are we just being played by the media. While I am a curvy chick, I believe we all, all women who love clothes and fashion, should stick together. We shouldn’t be divided. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and textiles.

It’s great that the media, fashion industry and well the world have taken notice. But it’s not news. Curvy chicks are stylish and spend good money on clothing.

Alight Fashion Blog posted this info graphic back in April. There are some really great (and surprising) stats that every retailer, boutique and designer need to pay attention to. Plus sizes come in different shapes and heights. Curvy girls want comfort. They have boobs, hips, booties, and sometimes a little of all of the above. I’m glad to see some great designers coming out into the spotlight and designing clothes to fit towards those curvy differences.

Take  a look at some of the stats and let me know your thoughts.



Courtesy of: Alight

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