For several years I’ve walked around and have been asked numerous times by men and women “Are you a model”?  “Are you a makeup artist”? I’ve always been a little surprised or felt that some men were being flirtatious most of the time – although it made me blush.  I’ve often heard that others can see potential in us that we may not be able to see in ourselves. My thoughts were “how could I be a model”?  I guess I’m pretty and fashionable, but do I really have what it takes? Am I really worthy of such a title? I could always imagine myself owning a moment, owning me. I could see myself as beautiful, empowered, fierce, bold, and confident enough to walk with my head held high; not by others’ standards, but by my own.

Sometimes character traits and flaws keep us from walking into our own dreams and visions. What’s holding you back? Are you shy? Is it fear? Is it self-esteem? Is it confidence? Is it past rejections? Are you self-conscious about yourself and/or parts of your body?

I have come to realize and know who I am, my size, and how much I have grown to love me. I know now that it starts with self-love, which produces self-worth. And with that, I am so comfortable in the skin I’m in! I’ve never known until recently the vast platform that has been set for full-figured women and models. Since walking in my first fashion show (Diamond Diva Fashion Show hosted by Kym Davidson) in December 2014, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities, elevation, confidence, boldness, strength, and not to mention sisterhood.

I am a beginning model. I am a novice. I need some practice and some work, but I am worthy and so are you! Don’t allow what you were told or what you’re being told to define you. What matters is how you see you and where you envision you. Don’t allow past rejections or your own idiosyncrasies limit you from coming out. My first modeling experience has taught me that you can turn fear into fearlessness, shyness into boldness, and rejection into acceptance. Be encouraged to see what modeling as a full- figured woman can do for you. I’m rooting for you!!!


By: Kimberly Rousseau-Meyers

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