We’re looking for bloggers. But not just any bloggers. Bloggers who have a great sense of style. Who knows how to put together a fabulous outfit regardless of the labels on the inside. Who understands the needs, frustrations and happy place for the plus size women. Is this you?

If you have an eye for style, have a black belt in shopping (well, figuratively..unless those really do exist then we really want to talk to you!) and can remix an outfit like nobody’s business, then you’re the ideal blogger for us. Typical posts are 350 to 700 words. We’re looking for someone who isn’t just resharing information that’s already out there or giving dated tips. We want you to share events, sales, and new looks and designers as you stumble across them. Bloggers should be able and willing to submit at least one post per quarter.

We do not pay bloggers, however all bloggers who contribute at least one blog post per month will receive 40% off their purchase for that month. As time goes by and we become more familiar with your writing style, we’ll think of other incentives. For more information, please email info@curvygirlcloset.com or give us a call at (347) 762-4405. Samples of previous blogging will be requested.

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