The holidays are here and the gifting bug has hit us all. There is no need to break the bank, thrifting this year is ecofriendly and economical. Having the ability to thrift and save money will give you more time to spend with family and friends. Enjoy these 5 gift giving thrift tips. All 5 gifts including gift wrap are under $25.

  1. Who doesn’t love good Candle holders? Candle holders are the best inexpensive home accessory you can buy, and that means thrifting it is even more affordable. Candle holders can be thrift from $0.50 – 4.00. Total $3.00


  1. Boy oh boy are scarves the hottest thing this season and the thrift stores are flooded with them. Scarves range from $1.00 – 5.00 thrift. Purchase 1 -2 scarves with a $3 budget and place your scarf or scarves in a mason jar. total $4.00 (Scarves $3 mason jar $1.00)


  1. Picture frames and/or framed art are a must have for your home or office décor. Thrift frames are so cheap you would not believe it. Frames range from $1.00 – 10.00 with $10 being an extra-large frame. Purchase 2 – 3 frames, spray paint them and wrap them with large ribbon or Purchase 1 medium to large frame add fabric (use clothing from the thrift store for fabric) paint the frame and place cut fabric in the frame. Total $3.00 (Frames $2.00 & Fabric $1.00)


  1. Have you ever been in the thrift store and saw a clear plastic bag full for other people’s junk? Grab bags are $1.20 – 20.00. (grab a $4 bag) Run and grab a grab bag, and a few small plates and create tons of gifts. Plates range from $0.05 – 1.21. Total $4.50 (this created 10 gifts, my grab bag was loaded with natural soaps, bath and bodyworks, and tons of spa products). Place 1 – 2 items on the plates for gift small gifts.


  1. Every girl need jewelry organization. Head to the basket or plastic containers area of your thrift-store. Grab anything that you think can hold your jewelry. Theses containers range from $0.50 – 5.00. Jewelry Holder total $4.00. (this create 2 gifts picture shown to your right was only $0.80 baskets above are 3.20)


Total Thrift $18.50 add a can of spray paint $3 to spools of ribbon $2 and 1 pack of ornaments $1 = total $24.50 for more thrift holiday finds visits us on facebook.


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