Hey Curvy Girl Nation! What’s good?

I was thinking about how to revive this blog. It’s been ages since I’ve made posts or even had guest bloggers. Finally I said enough is enough. It’s time to get it crackin’ again.

Each week, I’ll bring you a different tip. It’s no secret that I am an avid thrifter and consigner. It’s in my blood. If you want to start a conversation with me, aside from business, Power and designer shoes and purses, thrifting and consigning are my things. I mean how many people can actually say the consignment stores and thrift shops all know your name and text you when things come in BEFORE they go on the floor? Yeah, it’s that bad. lol

So let’s get started with your weekly tip. When I go thrifting or consigning, I try to find items in nearly perfect condition. But as you know sometimes that’s not possible. An item could be wrinkled, missing a piece or have stains. So while I used to pass over items with imperfections or minor issues, I’ve changed my tune.

I usually use a steamer or put an item in the cleaners when I can. But sometimes that’s not feasible. So I invested in a used….Flatiron. Yup. I said it. You know those ceramic (if you’re lucky) plates that you use for your hair? Well you now know of a secondary use for it. I got one in good condition from a local Goodwill. I cleaned it up and now use it to do a quick press on clothing items. Of course, make sure your item is iron and heat friendly. You wouldn’t use it on a delicate silk scarf. You’d burn it.

Do go find yourself a nice size flatiron plate and use it to touch up clothing items. It doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as it’s working and clean, you will have a great tool to use as a hack for ironing.

Til next time,

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