Curvy Girl Closet- Closet Evaluation


Do you have new or gently worn clothing, shoes or purses that are taking up valuable closet space? Are you too busy to get to the nearest donation center to get rid of them? Want to make back some of the money you’ve spent on these clothes?

Contact us to schedule a Closet Evaluation.

A Curvy Girl Closet Stylist can conduct a 30-minute evaluation session via FaceTime, Skype, or private Zoom meeting to determine if your items can be sold on the CGC marketplace.

Here’s how this works.

Go through your closet and determine what clothing you want to get rid of. Curvy Girl Closet- Closet Evaluation

Decide what items you want to sell.

You want to present your items in the best manner possible. Before your scheduled appointment, be sure to launder or dry clean your items and either iron or steam them based on the designer specifications.

Find a space in your home or office where there is good lighting, and a place to hang or display the items.

During the session, the Stylist will ask you to show closeups of all items and let her know what the items are made of, what they originally cost, how old (or new) they are, if they’ve been worn (and how often) and if there are any stains, tears, rips or damage to the items.

After the Stylist completes the evaluation, they will tell you which items will be accepted by the CGC Marketplace. Then they will set a price for each item for sale. If you agree, they’ll have you submit photos of the items to be included on the marketplace.

Next, after you submit the photos, your Stylist will create a listing for each of your items and post them to the marketplace. The best sellers are pictures with someone wearing the item so viewers can get an idea of what it would look like. If you can’t photograph with yourself or a person, make sure it’s hanging on a nice hanger or mannequin, in good lighting and without any distractions in the background. Try avoiding taking photos on the floor, tables, the bed or any other furniture if you can help it. You should submit a front, back and close up view. If the item has detail or embellishment, take a close up of that.

How Do I Make Money?

There are no limits to the number of  Curvy Girl Closet- Make Moneyitems you sell through the Curvy Girl Closet Marketplace. For each sold item, we do a 60/40 split. (Example: You sell an item at $100, you receive $60 and we receive $40. No additional fees required). We charge a flat fee to offset the services we provide to sellers.

Money earned will be paid out via Paypal and released to you within 7 days of the customer confirming receipt of their purchase, to allow for exchanges or returns that may occur.  Funds are paid in US currency only. You can also make money by joining our referral program. We pay $25 referral fees for each new member you bring on board (payable after their first successful sale).


So are you ready for your Closet Evaluation?